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Nuclear Innovation To Advance New Cancer Treatments

TerraPower Isotopes (TPI) is transforming the fight against cancer by advancing the next generation of isotopes. The TPI™ team is utilizing proven methods to extract research grade1 Actinium-225, free of the isotopic impurities of Actinium, which may be applied to new medical applications that potentially target and treat cancer.

TPI is increasing the scarce global supply of Actinium-225, an isotopic starting material, to support pharmaceutical companies’ cancer research and development efforts.

¹TPI produced Actinium-225 is intended to be used as starting material for further manufacturing processes and, as starting material, is not manufactured in accordance with current good manufacturing practices.

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Producing Actinium-225 In Support Of Targeted Alpha Therapy Research For Cancer Patients

Since 2018, TerraPower Isotopes has been working to increase the supply of Actinium-225. Actinium-225 is an alpha-emitting radionuclide that may have application in the area of oncology targeted alpha therapy research and development. The isotope can be attached to a molecule, which can then selectively target and deliver the Actinium-225 to the cancer site. The Actinium-225 labeled drug products, once developed and approved, can destroy the cancerous tissue with minimum damage to nearby healthy cells.

The TPI team of experts has developed a process to extract research grade Actinium-225 through a natural decay method from Thorium-229. TerraPower Isotopes is working with Isotek to recover the Thorium-229 from Uranium-233 stockpiles that are managed by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Partnering To Bring The Future Of Precision Medicine To Market

TerraPower Isotopes is actively working to provide research grade Actinium-225 to pharmaceutical companies for potential drug development through partnerships with private industry and government. The program’s innovative technologies will support the potential development and availability of a diverse suite of cancer treatments.

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