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  • Advanced Reactor Pioneers at NEA Sound Bright Notes

    The Nuclear Energy Institute highlights the world of advanced reactor designs, covering a panel that took place during the 2017 Nuclear Energy Assembly. Sitting on the panel was TerraPower CEO Lee McIntire, who discussed the need for action on innovation.

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  • In the Inventive Factory of the Gifted Nathan Myhrvold

    Anaïs Moutot sits down with Nathan Myhrvold, TerraPower’s Vice Chairman, to discuss his past and current innovation projects. The piece mentions TerraPower’s origins and the company’s mission to develop advanced nuclear technologies.

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  • Better Nuclear Power Through Ping Pong

    Dan Dubno discusses his visit to the TerraPower Lab, where the science behind TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor technology is demonstrated using a ping pong cannon.

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