TerraPower Updates

  • Upending Nuclear Innovation

    Roger Reynolds, Senior Technology Advisor

    Over the past few months, great progress has been made to support the advanced nuclear industry:

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    Media Coverage

    • The Nuclear Option Could Be Best Bet to Combat Climate Change

      Reporter Umair Irfan examines why investments should be made in nuclear energy to effectively combat climate change. As part of the story, TerraPower Chairman Bill Gates shares his views about how advanced reactor technologies help cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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    • The $10 Billion Solution to Climate Change

      As a follow up to the Fortune Brainstorm E conference, reporter Brian Dumaine takes a look at how advanced reactor technologies like the traveling wave reactor provide options for affordable carbon-free power. TerraPower CEO Lee McIntire participated in the conference panel that informed Mr. Dumaine’s article.

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    • Nuclear Innovators Say Public-Private Collaboration Vital

      TerraPower’s John Gilleland appeared before Congress in May, testifying about the benefits public-private collaboration affords companies. TerraPower, like many advanced nuclear companies, works closely with the U.S. Department of Energy.

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