TerraPower Updates

  • From Concept to Construction

    — Chris Levesque, President

    The nuclear industry is faced with an exciting opportunity and a serious challenge.

    Just recently, TerraPower’s CTO John Gilleland addressed the opening session of the American Nuclear…

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  • Inside Innovation: Building New Steel, Microstructures Up

    — Kevan Weaver, Director of Technology Integration

    X-rays, discovered in 1895, are often used to reveal broken bones and cavities. But this summer, a team of Australian researchers used x-ray imaging for…

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  • Recognizing Veterans

    — Chris Levesque, President

    Today, we all take pause to thank our veterans. We honor their sacrifices to protect the freedom that we hold dear. As a veteran of…

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Media Coverage

  • Bold Action, Focused Effort Can Solve the Unsolvable

    Using TerraPower as an example, columnist Dr. Scott Morris reflects on what it takes to solve difficult problems. In his opinion, the company’s success is the result of hard work and mission-driven innovation, principles that could be applied to push any effort forward.

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  • Private Investment Could Be Key to Nuclear’s Future

    Paul D. Gray, CEO of uranium and lithium miner Zadar Ventures Ltd., opines that private investors today are key to the growth of advanced nuclear technologies. He lauds Bill Gates’s investment in TerraPower as a good example of such investment.

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  • Bill Gates and Other Billionaires Backing a Nuclear Renaissance

    OilPrice.com’s James Stafford discusses how Bill Gates and others are using their wealth to innovate nuclear technologies. TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor technology is noted as a system with potential to reduce nuclear waste.

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