TerraPower Updates

  • Innovation’s Role

    In the next few decades, incredible strides in energy innovation will need to be made in order to counteract the effects of climate change and… Full Story »

  • Removing Barriers to a Better World

    When TerraPower settled on nuclear energy as the best solution to combat climate change and global poverty, we recognized several areas of nuclear technology that… Full Story »

  • Encouraging American-led Innovation

    Public-private partnerships with Department of Energy national laboratories help position U.S. suppliers like TerraPower in the global supply chain for advanced reactor designs and components.… Full Story »

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Media Coverage

  • AREVA Completes Fabrication and Testing of Nuclear Fuel

    AREVA recently completed fuel fabrication and testing services for TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor.

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  • The Future of Technology According to Bill Gates

    In his third Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything,’ Bill Gates answered user’s questions on the future of technology and nuclear power, disease eradication, programming and currency.

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  • Useful Waste

    CBN Weekly’s Susie Guo interviews TerraPower’s Roger Reynolds and provides a broad update on the company and the technology.

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