TerraPower Updates

  • Encouraging American-led Innovation

    Public-private partnerships with Department of Energy national laboratories help position U.S. suppliers like TerraPower in the global supply chain for advanced reactor designs and components.… Full Story »

  • The Importance of Technology Neutrality

    Recently, the American Nuclear Society (ANS) has raised concerns about the lack of technology neutrality in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed “Full Story »

  • Fostering the Next Generation

    “Aging workforce.” Frequently tossed around in human resources discussions, this term represents a great concern for many engineering companies. Since the early 2000s, futurists and… Full Story »

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Media Coverage

  • A Nuclear Newcomer: TerraPower and the Traveling Wave Reactor

    TerraPower CEO John Gilleland writes about TerraPower’s current work, highlighting the company’s supply chain development, materials and fuels progress, and reactor design work.

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  • Betting on the Need, Scientists Work on Lighter, Cleaner Nuclear Energy

    Reporter Matt Wald takes a look at the investments national laboratories and private companies are putting into advanced nuclear reactor designs. He highlights the work TerraPower’s partners, Idaho National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory, are doing on advanced simulations and fuel fabrication testing to move the next generation of advanced reactors forward.

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  • DOE Invests $13 Million in Advanced Nuclear Power Reactors

    Five R&D projects supporting advanced reactor technologies were selected to receive $13 million of cost-share funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. TerraPower contributed to one of the winning proposals lead by AREVA Federal Services. The validation study to be undertaken will advance industry-practiced computational fluid dynamics techniques. While TerraPower will not be receiving federal funds, the company is pleased to contribute work-in-kind to the project.

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