• MCFR Solutions: Nuclear Innovation for New Options in American Industry

    TerraPower’s molten chloride fast reactor (MCFR) project answers global challenges by expanding the ability of nuclear technology to address carbon reduction in sectors beyond electricity. The MCFR project, a complement to the traveling wave reactor (TWR) program, has the potential to be a relatively low-cost reactor that can operate safely in new temperature regimes. This means the technology can do more than generate electricity; it also offers potential in alternative markets, such as process heat and thermal storage.

    TerraPower’s research and development of the MCFR project has already expanded into design and testing activities. And in January 2016, the U.S. Department of Energy awarded a five-year, $40 million cost share award for continued research and development into TerraPower’s MCFR project. This award served as the impetus for a new public-private MCFR project development partnership that includes TerraPower, the Southern Company, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Electric Power Research Institute and Vanderbilt University.