• TerraPower has developed a strong supply network that includes working relationships with more than 80 corporations, national laboratories, universities and expert consultants. These organizations, institutions, businesses and agencies possess a vast amount of nuclear research knowledge and experience that has been developed in the corporate and academic sectors over the past 50 years. With this unique supply network that crosses national, corporate and academic lines, TerraPower has access to the best minds in the nuclear research sector, including those who have implemented and managed large, complex international programs. This approach allows us to innovate in parallel, greatly speeding up the process to efficiently execute all the elements needed to develop, demonstrate and commercialize cutting-edge programs and technologies.

    We seek to work with the best of the best in the industry, working together towards nuclear technology innovations that make the world a better place.


    TerraPower has agreements in place with many U.S. national laboratories, allowing partnerships between these federal research institutions and private sector companies and universities. We currently work with researchers from Idaho National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory and the Y-12 National Security Complex.

    Private Sector

    TerraPower actively creates new supply chains as we research and develop new technologies. We work with companies that bring specialized expertise and spur growth in new industries in the process. Our domestic business relationships include AECOM, AREVA, Becht Engineering, Bechtel Power Corporation, Brayton Energy, BWXT Nuclear Energy, Inc., The Cameron Group, Columbia Basin Consulting Group, LLC, Creative Engineers, Inc., Cryogenic Consulting Service, Curtiss-Wright Corporation, Merrick & Company, Mid-Columbia Engineering, MPR Associates, SPX Flow, Southern Company, Technology Resources, Veridiam, WECTEC and Zachry Nuclear Engineering.


    Inquisitive minds foster innovation, so TerraPower engages the academic research community to apply the benefits of their forward thinking. Our university collaborations not only support the development of the next generation of nuclear engineers and physicists, but also put to use the valuable research facilities available at American universities. To date, these academic partnerships include the University of Michigan; the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Texas A&M University; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Washington State University; University of Wisconsin; Pennsylvania State University; and Oregon State University.

    International Organizations

    TerraPower also works with a variety of international organizations that offer specialized experience and testing facilities related to our nuclear research and development programs. These organizations and agencies include Japan’s Kobe Steel, Ltd.; Russia’s Scientific Research Institute of Atomic Reactors; and the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM. By fostering international cooperation in nuclear innovation, TerraPower is helping keep the United States at the forefront of technology development.