November 03, 2012

​Media coverage has drawn attention to our recent meetings in China. At a recent talk at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Beijing, Bill Gates discussed a range of topics, including his investment in TerraPower. In fact, TerraPower has been engaged in meetings with energy experts in the U.S. and abroad over the last couple of years. We are listening, learning and discussing options. These are part of our ongoing efforts to accelerate the scientific findings needed to achieve secure, affordable and emissions-free energy production.

We’ve traveled extensively to discuss our innovative reactor design with researchers. TerraPower delegations have visited fellow energy experts in the U.S., China, France, India, Japan, Korea and Russia. We intend to expand our work, but there are no deals to speak to at this time. Any future updates will be posted to

We are seeing great interest in our approach to innovative nuclear reactor designs. Demand is high for nuclear energy technology that converts low-level waste into fuel without reprocessing and sustainably meets global electricity needs. So our conversations continue with many countries that have active nuclear programs. All these nations have some form of advanced fast reactor research facilities and programs.

Investors have also taken note of the progress TerraPower is making. However, TerraPower is privately held and not seeking individual investors.

In the meantime, we continue to work with a variety of domestic and international companies to develop fuel and materials. Important advances in these areas will be needed to see the full potential of the traveling wave technology. In the United States, the primary design and engineering work is taking place in Bellevue, Wash.