​Roger Reynolds

Senior Technology Advisor

Roger Reynolds is a senior technology advisor to TerraPower. As a professor of nuclear engineering at Mississippi State University, he was responsible for the development and teaching of courses in reactor engineering, nuclear fuel cycle analyses and reactor physics.

Reynolds left the university and worked 20 years for AREVA and its predecessors in several positions of increasing responsibility, retiring as the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Engineer for AREVA NP in the US. Since late 2007, Reynolds has participated in various consulting activities and currently serves as an adjunct professor at Washington State University where he teaches nuclear engineering courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

He has been active in the American Nuclear Society and the National Society for Professional Engineers for more than 35 years, serving in many governance positions and on various committees.

Media Coverage

  • Useful Waste

    CBN Weekly’s Susie Guo interviews TerraPower’s Roger Reynolds and provides a broad update on the company and the technology.

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  • Nuclear Platform

    TerraPower’s Roger Reynolds authored an article for the January issue of IHS International Nuclear Business. He discusses TerraPower’s fuel and materials development, business model and public-private partnerships.

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  • Bill Gates’ Reactor Company Looks to China

    Emily Meredith analyzes TerraPower’s business model, technology approach and outlook for the future.

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  • Uranium Metal Fuel Designs Advance, Say TerraPower, Lightbridge

    Platts NuclearFuel editor Bill Freebairn discusses the inherent safety features of TerraPower’s fuel design.

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  • TerraPower Advances Design

    Platts Nucleonics Week discusses TerraPower’s progress on the traveling wave reactor, including the company’s business developments.

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  • Big Names Usher TerraPower Forward…But How Far?

    According to noted energy analyst Chris Gadomski, with almost 100 reactors under construction in countries around the globe, TerraPower’s novel traveling wave technology takes the existing nuclear generation market in a new direction.

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  • Turn Nuclear Waste Into Fuel

    Inc. Magazine spotlights TerraPower in a package praising entrepreneurs pursuing ambitious goals at a time when so many are focused on ever-narrower niches. The article provides an overview of the traveling wave reactor and its improvements on current reactor technology.

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  • TerraPower Seeking Partners for Demonstration TWR

    TerraPower’s Roger Reynolds provides a general update on the company and technology.

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  • Nuclear Energy Innovation–Getting Off the Bench

    Blogger Melissa Lott writes about TerraPower’s unique ability to spur innovation and new construction in a revitalized nuclear industry.

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  • Has Bill Gates Come Up With a Safe, Clean Way to Harness Nuclear Power?

    For The Independent newspaper in the U.K., Mark Piesing talks about TerraPower’s technology, the status of the traveling wave project and its viability.

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  • Futuristic U.S. Power Reactor May be Developed Overseas

    A detailed update on TerraPower and the TWR. A discussion on the technology’s possible development overseas reflects on a mention of TerraPower by Jon Huntsman in January.

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  • John Gilleland: On the Traveling Wave Reactor

    TerraPower, LLC has been launched by the company Intellectual Ventures to design a traveling wave nuclear reactor.

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