Michael Garrett

Reactor Safety and Licensing

​Michael Garrett serves as the group leader for TerraPower’s reactor safety and licensing program. He has nearly 34 years of experience in the nuclear industry with extensive knowledge of the licensing requirements and safety analysis methods used for boiling water reactors and other standards for commercial light water reactors. Garrett worked for AREVA NP Inc. (formerly Siemens Power Corporation) for more than 22 years. At AREVA he served as Technical Consultant and project manager for the development and licensing of computer codes and methods required for fuel designs in Japan. Garrett served for 12 years as Manager of the Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Safety Analysis group, directing the thermal-hydraulic, thermal-mechanical, system transient and LOCA analyses for reload core licensing and plant operational support for BWRs using AREVA fuel. Previously, Garrett served as Supervisor, Systems Analysis in the Reactor Analysis Branch at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for more than 11 years. In this position, he directed the performance of thermal-hydraulic, thermal-mechanical and safety analyses required to license reload cores, evaluate new fuel designs and operating strategies, and support operation of TVA nuclear plants. Garrett received a B.S. in Engineering and a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University.

Technical Publications