Jay Tandy

Fuel Design and Development

​Jay Tandy leads TerraPower’s fuel design and development for the traveling wave reactor. Prior to his work with TerraPower, Tandy spent 34 years working for AREVA NP Inc. (formerly Siemens Power Corporation) at their fuel engineering and manufacturing facility in Richland, Wash. At AREVA Tandy worked in the areas of Fuel Performance - Irradiated Fuel examination, Mechanical Design Engineering, Quality Assurance and Project Management. During this time, his responsibilities included design, fabrication and project management for many types of boiling water reactor and pressurized water reactor fuels for commercial applications in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Taiwan. Previously, Tandy served in a similar function at Exxon Nuclear. Tandy earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University in 1977.

Technical Publications