Doug Adkisson

Senior Vice President, Operations

Doug Adkisson is a Senior Vice President for TerraPower and is responsible for the overall technical development of the Traveling Wave Reactor program. He manages all the operations of TerraPower, including fuel and materials development and testing, fuel fabrication, design, engineering, licensing, cost and schedule. He has over 30 years of experience in the commercial and Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear industry in a variety of technical and project management positions. Most of his career has been with Siemens and then AREVA. He has held senior positions in nuclear engineering, operations, R&D and reactor service organizations. He was a senior manager supporting a startup of a joint venture focused on building two new nuclear facilities. His experience includes implementing projects both domestically as well in Europe and Taiwan. Adkisson was the senior operating manager of AREVA’s largest U.S. nuclear fuel facility. This included both nuclear and non-nuclear manufacturing operations, chemical and ceramic processing, mechanical assembly, equipment and process design, and maintenance. Under his direction, AREVA implemented changes that significantly improved productivity, quality and safety. He was also Vice President of Operations and Commissioning for a project that included design, construction and operation of two conversion facilities for the DOE using an AREVA proprietary process. As part of this $500-million project, he managed the development of the JV’s plant commissioning and operations program and served as the construction manager for one of the plants. He developed the infrastructure for the company and led the transition of two Category II nuclear facilities, including upgrading nuclear safety programs. As the construction phase of the projects were completed, Adkisson had the responsibility for commissioning the plants including turnover from construction, completion of subcontractor activities, ensuring as-built configuration meets all requirements and testing of the systems.

Adkisson has extensive experience with LWRs through his management of a reactor services and fuel research organization. He personally managed on-site projects at a number of reactors in the United States, Europe and Taiwan. He established alliances with firms which had resources previously unavailable to Siemens and negotiated license agreements with outside firms to introduce new products. Adkisson holds a B.S. in nuclear engineering and an MBA, both from Oregon State University. He is a member of the American Nuclear Society, and has published and presented numerous papers in addition to holding patents in the nuclear service area.

Technical Publications