Bill Gates

Chairman of the Board

Bill Gates is co-founder of Microsoft, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and founder and chairman of TerraPower.

In 1975, Gates founded Microsoft with Paul Allen, and led the company to become the worldwide leader in business and personal software and services. More than 20 years later, guided by the belief that every life has equal value, Gates and his wife, Melinda, established the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2008, Gates transitioned from his daily responsibilities at Microsoft to focus full-time with Melinda on their foundation’s work to reduce hunger and poverty globally, harness advances in science and technology to save lives, and improve education in the U.S.

Since 2006, Gates has also served as chairman of TerraPower, a company he helped launch in 2006 that aims to provide the world with a more affordable, secure and environmentally friendly form of nuclear energy.

Media Coverage

  • Bill Gates Says China is the Best Place to Pursue Next-Generation Nuclear Power

    In a recent video interview with Quartz, Bill Gates says China is the place to try out experimental designs, citing the September agreement between TerraPower and China National Nuclear Corp. as a starting point.

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  • World’s Richest Man Picks Energy Miracles

    Scientific American’s David Biello talks with Bill Gates about energy miracles. Gates notes TerraPower’s planned pilot plant and discusses where nuclear energy can go from there.

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  • The Energy Breakthrough That Will “Save Our Planet” is Less Than 15 Years Away

    In an interview with VOX’s Ezra Klein, Bill Gates highlights TerraPower’s fourth-generation design that can withstand an earthquake, volcano or tidal wave.

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  • Bill Gates, the ‘Impatient Optimist,’ Lays Out his Clean-Energy Innovation Agenda

    During a recent interview with Andrew Revkin of the New York Times, TerraPower Chairman Bill Gates discusses the traveling wave reactor design and his agenda for clean energy.

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  • Paris Climate Talks: U.S. Energy Chief Says Solution Lies in Innovation

    Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz mentions TerraPower’s traveling wave technology during a discussion with Christian Science Monitor about the future of nuclear energy innovation. The interview took place during Secretary Moniz’s participation in the COP-21 climate change negotiations in Paris.

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  • Gates Leads Global Billionaires in Clean Energy Investment Pledge

    Xconomy’s Benjamin Romano covers Bill Gates’s global initiative to spur investment and innovation in the energy sector, noting the TerraPower’s Chairman’s involvement with the traveling wave reactor.

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  • Li Welcomes U.S. Nuclear Teamwork

    During a recent trip to China, TerraPower Chairman Bill Gates met with Premier Li Keqiang, discussing the importance of international cooperation on energy projects like TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor.

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  • TerraPower Quietly Explores New Nuclear Reactor Strategy

    MIT Technology Review’s Richard Martin examines TerraPower’s research into a molten chloride reactor concept, even as the company remains fully committed to the traveling wave reactor design.

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  • The Company Determined to Fix Nuclear Energy

    Produced by The Atlantic to accompany a profile of TerraPower investor Bill Gates, this five-minute documentary showcases TerraPower’s efforts to create a technology that meets global energy demands and combats climate change.

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  • Advanced Nuclear Industry to Regulators: Give Us a Chance

    After hearing TerraPower CFO Marcia Burkey speak at the MIT SOLVE conference, Technology Review’s Richard Martin explores the challenges faced by advanced reactor companies.

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  • Bill Gates Making Progress On Next Generation Of Nuclear Power—In China

    Industry analyst James Conca reacts to TerraPower’s memorandum of understanding with China, noting the need for increased investment, innovation and international cooperation on energy issues.

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  • The Future of Technology According to Bill Gates

    In his third Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything,’ Bill Gates answered user’s questions on the future of technology and nuclear power, disease eradication, programming and currency.

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  • Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview

    In an interview that spans all of his interests, Bill Gates, chairman of TerraPower’s board, advocates for safer, cheaper, sustainable nuclear energy technologies.

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  • Bill Gates Visits INL

    Due to the lab’s partnership with TerraPower, Bill Gates toured facilities at Idaho National Laboratory to learn more about their work on advanced fuels and materials.

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  • Amid Economic and Safety Concerns, Nuclear Advocates Pin Their Hopes on New Designs

    TerraPower’s improvements to nuclear energy’s waste and efficiency challenges are discussed in Bryan Walsh’s story on the optimism in today’s nuclear energy industry.

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  • In Search of Energy Miracles

    TerraPower is mentioned in Justin Gillis’ summary of CERAWeek.

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  • CERAWEEK-Gates Favors Nuclear Power to Help Limit Climate Change

    Summary of TerraPower Chairman Bill Gates’ keynote address to the IHS CERAWeek Conference.

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  • A Window into the Nuclear Future

    TerraPower and the TWR were profiled by the Wall Street Journal, including comments from Nathan Myhrvold and Bill Gates, and a new graphic detailing how the TP-1 works.

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  • Bill Gates Goes Nuclear

    Last year, Bill Gates caused a stir by releasing mosquitoes into the audience at the TED conference. His aim: to bring to life the idea of malaria as a scourge of the modern world. This year, he set free some fireflies to highlight a new theme: energy and climate change.

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  • John Gilleland: On the Traveling Wave Reactor

    TerraPower, LLC has been launched by the company Intellectual Ventures to design a traveling wave nuclear reactor.

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