The TerraPower Team

At TerraPower we have a staff of highly trained and experienced nuclear physicists, engineers, project managers and operators with experience developing, building and operating fast and light water reactors. Our team includes expert staff and consultants, many of whom have worked for the world’s most prestigious laboratories and energy companies. Major contributors also include individuals who have received the highest honors in their fields–technical society fellows, international prizewinners and recipients of the Enrico Fermi Prize and E. O. Lawrence Award.

Every member of TerraPower’s team shares a vision of bringing nuclear energy to its fullest potential: making it safer and more cost-effective, more environmentally friendly and more resistant to proliferation. We work here not because we are interested in incremental improvements, but because we are all motivated to solve the fuel cycle issues of our energy sources.

Executive Leadership:

In addition, Bill Gates and Nathan Myhrvold serve respectively as Chairman and Vice Chairman of TerraPower’s activities.