Environmentally Sound Solution to the Energy Crisis

TerraPower was founded to find a solution for global energy needs. Many forms of energy will play important roles, but nuclear energy must have a major part. To reduce greenhouse gases and meet energy needs, an improved nuclear energy technology like the traveling wave reactor (TWR) is critical.

The TWR will provide a clean option for future energy technology.

  • Like any nuclear plant, the TWR will reduce the carbon dioxide load and provide energy without increasing greenhouse gases.
  • The TWR will provide large amounts of sustainable base load power. For the amount of fuel used, the TWR will produce up to 50 times more power compared to today’s light water reactors.
  • The TWR will reduce the amount of nuclear waste produced at end-of-life. The TWR will produce a minimum of seven times less waste than today’s light water reactors. With the use of sodium as coolant, the TWR will operate at a higher temperature, allowing higher thermal efficiency for electrical generation.
  • The TWR will utilize depleted uranium as its main fuel. Just in the United States, more than 750,000 metric tons of depleted uranium sits useless, like that stored in Paducah, Ky., pictured below. TWRs could convert this material into enough electricity to power all U.S. households for more than 700 years.