Energy Security

Energy to All Nations

TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor (TWR) will significantly improve energy security by allowing for an uninterrupted energy supply with a reduced dependence on foreign fuel and accompanying price increases and volatility, as well as reduced exposure to uranium supply shortages or disruptions. A TWR fleet could meet the U.S. residential sector’s energy needs for more than 700 years, just using the current U.S. stockpile of depleted uranium.

  • The ability to purchase fuel at the outset reduces or eliminates a country’s vulnerability to uranium supply shortage, disruption and price fluctuation.
  • The TWR’s breed-and-burn capability allows for smaller fuel purchases at much less frequent intervals than required by current reactors. Over time, the purchase of a smaller amount of uranium reduces energy costs and makes a country/owner less prone to fuel supply availability and disruption.
  • Because the TWR is highly resistant to weapons proliferation, every country will be able to purchase TWRs without political concerns from developed nations. This enables the world to develop a broader export market for nuclear plants.