TerraPower Updates

  • The Value of Partnership

    Innovation fails when attempted in a vacuum. An extreme statement? Maybe so. The fact is that partnerships facilitate innovation, and allow for risk-sharing that gives…

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  • Finding Concrete Evidence in Career Contributions

    When we say that something is “concrete,” it implies durability and strength. Just as though it were made from concrete. Concrete is produced when compounds from…

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  • From Vision to Reality

    It takes a special commitment and culture to invest time and energy to develop new technology. There needs to be a dedication to the process…

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  • Millennials in Energy

    Millennials, Gen Y, whichever nomenclature you want to label those born between the years 1981 and 1997 —the fact is this age group has recently replaced…

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  • Inside Innovation: Heating Things Up

    By Dave Vetrano, Lab Director

    Labs like TerraPower’s feature a range of testing capabilities. Our Bellevue, Wash. facility offers the flexibility of utilizing small, targeted testing…

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  • Gender Equality is Planning for Success

    By Jessica Harris, Senior Human Resources Manager

    Earlier this month, we kicked off our highlight of March as Women’s History Month. We are discussing an issue that…

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