Speeches and Writing

  • Irrational Fears

    An opinion piece by Nathan Myhrvold addressing how people should view investment and innovation in the nuclear energy industry.

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  • Nathan Myhrvold: The Wealthy Should Fund Innovation

    An opinion piece by Nathan Myhrvold, focusing on why funding innovation is an important endeavor. As a proof point, Nathan talks about TerraPower’s work.

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  • An Energy Briefing with Daniel Yergin: Nuclear Energy

    TerraPower investor Bill Gates sat down with energy expert Daniel Yergin to talk about the world’s energy challenges. As part of their conversation, they spoke about TerraPower’s role in the future of nuclear power.

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  • (ECO:nomics) Gates: Cheap, Clean Energy Not Coming Soon

    At the Wall Street Journal’s ECO:nomics conference, TerraPower investor Bill Gates spoke at length about the need for solutions to the world’s energy challenges, like TerraPower’s next-generation nuclear power design.

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  • Nuclear Renaissance

    TerraPower’s former intern, Mark Reed, writes about his experience at TerraPower for Fortnight Journal, an online publication targeted toward the “millennial generation,” featuring young people who will define the ideas of tomorrow.

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  • After Fukushima: Now, More than Ever

    Nathan Myhrvold reflects on the post-Fukushima nuclear industry in an essay for the New York Times’ year-end publication, Turning Points.

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