Media Coverage

  • Nuclear Aims Small

    Within a larger discussion on projected funding from the U.S. Department of Energy for small modular reactors (SMR), TerraPower CEO John Gilleland provides perspective on TerraPower’s alternative reactor technology and its advantages over popular SMR designs.

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  • TerraPower Seeking Partners for Demonstration TWR

    TerraPower’s Roger Reynolds provides a general update on the company and technology.

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  • Power Surge: Uranium Alloy Fuel for TerraPower

    Y-12 Report highlights work that has been conducted at the complex on behalf of TerraPower. Since 2010, the Y‑12 National Security Complex has provided TerraPower with technical support on fabrication methods for a uranium alloy fuel for the TWR.

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  • Next Nukes at Hanford Might be Little Guys

    TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor is discussed among the other nuclear energy innovation taking place in Washington State.

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  • Is the Future of Nuclear Power in Minireactors?

    NPR reviews the various small modular reactor designs under development, including TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor.

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  • Breed and Burn Reactors–Could Recycling Waste Redeem Nuclear Power?

    Mitch Beedie examines TerraPower’s reactor design, looking at the viability of extracting energy from depleted uranium to power new nuclear reactors.

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