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  • 5×5: Five Cities, Five Big Tech Ideas Coming to Boston on Dec. 8, 2010

    John Gilleland and TerraPower were invited to participate in “5×5: Five Cities, Five Big Tech Ideas,” Xconomy’s special forum on the biggest new ideas in technology.

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  • Miniature Nuclear Reactors Might be a Safe, Efficient Source of Power

    The question for many has shifted from whether to build nuclear plants to where and how. And increasingly there’s interest in the idea of mini reactors: power plants that provide energy for only a small area.

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  • TerraPower’s Multibillion-Dollar Nuclear Reactor Plan

    TerraPower raised $35& million in Series B funding from Khosla Ventures, Charles River Ventures and Bill Gates.

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  • The Next Wave

    TerraPower is on the forefront of innovation in nuclear power generation and waste recycling.

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  • Bill Gates Goes Nuclear

    Last year, Bill Gates caused a stir by releasing mosquitoes into the audience at the TED conference. His aim: to bring to life the idea of malaria as a scourge of the modern world. This year, he set free some fireflies to highlight a new theme: energy and climate change.

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  • John Gilleland: On the Traveling Wave Reactor

    TerraPower, LLC has been launched by the company Intellectual Ventures to design a traveling wave nuclear reactor.

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  • More than “Renewable” Energy Needed: Microsoft

    The head of Microsoft Corp’s $9-billion research unit thinks the debate over stopping climate change is being muddied by talk of renewable energy.

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  • Safer Nuclear: Six Generation III+ Reactors Set for the U.S.

    The Big Picture: It’s nearly impossible to imagine making meaningful carbon dioxide reductions without designing safer, cleaner reactors and rolling them out immediately–because no one wants to build more of the reactors we have today.

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