Media Coverage

  • Bill Gates Visits INL

    Due to the lab’s partnership with TerraPower, Bill Gates toured facilities at Idaho National Laboratory to learn more about their work on advanced fuels and materials.

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  • Atomic Goal: 800 Years of Power From Waste

    Matt Wald’s positive profile of TerraPower’s technology focuses on the potential for TerraPower’s TWR to provide an option for safer, cleaner, cheaper nuclear energy for the world.

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  • Smaller, Transportable Nuclear Reactor

    Morgan Lee commends TerraPower for their innovative approach to nuclear technology, clarifying that the full-scale TWR design should not be lumped in with small modular reactors.

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  • Amid Economic and Safety Concerns, Nuclear Advocates Pin Their Hopes on New Designs

    TerraPower’s improvements to nuclear energy’s waste and efficiency challenges are discussed in Bryan Walsh’s story on the optimism in today’s nuclear energy industry.

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  • Bill Gates’ Nuclear Company Explores Molten Salt Reactors, Thorium

    Reporter Mark Halper discusses TerraPower’s exploration of a wide range of innovations related to the TWR.

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  • Nuclear’s New Ideas Come in a Range of Sizes

    Chuck Ross presents TerraPower’s utility-scale TWR as an alternative to popular small modular reactor designs with the promise to bring new life to the energy industry.

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