Media Coverage

  • Energy: Will Small Nuclear Plants Revive Nuclear Power?

    This article focuses on the fascinating concentration of small nuclear reactor development in the Tri-Cities area, mentioning TerraPower’s TWR as another form of development in the region’s nuclear industry.

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  • Nuclear Power from Uranium Waste

    One financial analysts’ take on the potential impact of TerraPower traveling wave technology.

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  • Bill Gates-backed Company Looks to Turn Nuclear Waste into Power

    Summary of TerraPower’s current business status.

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  • Nuclear Energy: Flexible Fission

    The popular acronym “SMR” is defined in two ways–the common “small modular reactor” and the IAEA-defined “small-to-medium-sized reactor.” This article discusses why TerraPower’s prototype TWR is an example of a “small-to-medium-sized” reactor under development. TerraPower’s ultimate goal is to develop a full-scale nuclear reactor to provide base load electricity.

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  • Nuclear Reactors: From Waste to Fuel

    This brief article explains TerraPower’s nuclear technology solution.

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  • Three Steps to Discovery in Aging Archives

    TerraPower’s CEO discusses the importance of archival knowledge, using TerraPower’s work on HT-9 steel alloys as a proof point.

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