Media Coverage

  • A Nuclear Option for Energy

    Bloomberg reporter Robert Bryce looks at the future of nuclear energy and the potential for safer reactor designs, including TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor.

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  • Next-Gen Nuclear

    Public Utilities Fortnightly contributing editor John Bewick remarks on TerraPower’s promising progress in an analysis of the developing next-generation reactor technologies.

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  • The Future Promise of Nuclear Energy

    William Magwood, incoming chief of the Nuclear Energy Association, mentions TerraPower’s TWR in an interview with the Associated Press. While the interview focuses on small modular reactors, TerraPower’s large-scale nuclear energy plant is noted as another advanced technology under development.

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  • Nuclear Video Matinee: NuScale and TerraPower at CERAWeek

    ANS Nuclear Café highlights a video featuring TerraPower CEO John Gilleland, produced by ICOSA Media.

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  • The Future of Nuclear Energy - CERAWeek 2014

    ICOSA Media captures TerraPower CEO John Gilleland’s IHS CERAWeek 2014 “Energy Innovation Pioneer” presentation on the company’s progress.

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  • Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview

    In an interview that spans all of his interests, Bill Gates, chairman of TerraPower’s board, advocates for safer, cheaper, sustainable nuclear energy technologies.

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