Media Coverage

  • CERAWeek 2014 – The Future of Global Nuclear Power

    IHS reviews CERAWeek 2014’s panel on the future of nuclear energy, highlighting the presence of TerraPower CEO John Gilleland at the conference.

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  • Big Names Usher TerraPower Forward…But How Far?

    According to noted energy analyst Chris Gadomski, with almost 100 reactors under construction in countries around the globe, TerraPower’s novel traveling wave technology takes the existing nuclear generation market in a new direction.

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  • B&W and TerraPower Announce MOU for Collaboration on Innovative Generation IV Nuclear Technology

    TerraPower establishes a Memorandum of Understanding with the Babcock & Wilcox Company to support the development of the traveling wave reactor.

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  • TerraPower, a Start-up of Bill Gates, Wants to Revolutionize Nuclear Power

    Reporter Céline Deluzarche provides an overview of TerraPower, its motivation and its goals.

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  • Business! Innovation! Startups! It Must be Nuclear Power

    Blogger Mark Halper discusses the return of the nuclear renaissance and the promise that innovative companies like TerraPower hold for the future of the industry.

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  • The Future of Nuclear Energy: Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

    Blogger Ashutosh Jogalekar applauds companies like TerraPower for keeping the spirit of innovation alive in the nuclear energy industry.

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