Media Coverage

  • The Nuclear Option

    Miles O’Brien’s PBS documentary looks at how the next generation of nuclear reactors is bringing hope and addressing concerns. One segment takes a close look at the investment and startup of TerraPower, including an interview with TerraPower Vice Chairman Nathan Myhrvold, who offers an overview of the company’s technology design.

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  • Climate Change is Fueling a Second Chance for Nuclear Power

    An interview on his PBS documentary, The Nuclear Option, filmmaker Miles O’Brien mentions TerraPower’s work on the traveling wave reactor in the context of the advanced reactor industry.

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  • Can North America’s Advanced Nuclear Reactor Companies Help Save the Planet?

    Elisabeth Eaves discusses the advanced reactor industry in North America, including an interview with TerraPower’s Kevan Weaver. Notably, Kevan discusses TerraPower’s commitment to and progress towards commercialization for both the traveling wave reactor and the molten chloride fast reactor.

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  • TerraPower Picks SPX FLOW to Design Pumps for Nuclear Reactor

    In early December, TerraPower named SPX FLOW Inc. as a supply partner. SPX FLOW will provide the primary sodium pumps for TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor (TWR). TerraPower President Chris Levesque lauded the partnership.

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  • A Few Organizing Concepts for Project Management and Innovation in Developing New Nuclear Reactor Technologies

    Dan Yurman describes how new nuclear reactor companies must remain innovate to create commercialized technologies. Notably, he mentions TerraPower as one of the companies that is developing its own roadmap for success in the advanced reactor field.

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  • Do Nuclear Plants Have Future in Low-carbon World?

    James Osborne of the Houston Chronicle asserts that next-generation nuclear reactor companies, like Bill Gates-backed TerraPower, will offer a long-term energy solution for policymakers.

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