Media Coverage

  • Dozens of U.S. companies bet on nuclear power revolution: report

    In his analysis of the nuclear industry, Reuters’ Timothy Gardner highlights advanced reactor technologies such as TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor design.

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  • Lab scientists outline research wish list for nuclear energy

    Contributing to an effort led by the U.S. Department of Energy about the future of advanced reactors, TerraPower’s Kevan Weaver discusses the need for global nuclear energy development.

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  • AREVA Completes Fabrication and Testing of Nuclear Fuel

    AREVA recently completed fuel fabrication and testing services for TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor.

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  • The Future of Technology According to Bill Gates

    In his third Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything,’ Bill Gates answered user’s questions on the future of technology and nuclear power, disease eradication, programming and currency.

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  • Useful Waste

    CBN Weekly’s Susie Guo interviews TerraPower’s Roger Reynolds and provides a broad update on the company and the technology.

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  • Nuclear Platform

    TerraPower’s Roger Reynolds authored an article for the January issue of IHS International Nuclear Business. He discusses TerraPower’s fuel and materials development, business model and public-private partnerships.

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