Media Coverage

  • DOE Invests $13 Million in Advanced Nuclear Power Reactors

    Five R&D projects supporting advanced reactor technologies were selected to receive $13 million of cost-share funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. TerraPower contributed to one of the winning proposals lead by AREVA Federal Services. The validation study to be undertaken will advance industry-practiced computational fluid dynamics techniques. While TerraPower will not be receiving federal funds, the company is pleased to contribute work-in-kind to the project.

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  • We Need A Climate Miracle. Could ‘New Nuclear’ Provide It?

    Joseph Lassiter of the Harvard Business School analyzes the environmental impact of advanced nuclear designs such as TerraPower’s Traveling Wave Reactor.

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  • Confidence - What Does It Mean For Nuclear Waste?

    TerraPower’s potential to utilize spent fuel and create more efficient energy is discussed.

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  • Nuclear Reactor Reliability: Fast Test Proves Viable

    TerraPower partners with University of Michigan, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory to discuss their work to advance new materials for use in nuclear reactors.

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  • Nuclear Energy Expert Trying to Develop Clean, Safe Technology

    Ning Li of the Xiamen University School of Energy Research discusses the possibility for clean, safe, competitive energy using TerraPower’s technology as a proof point.

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  • Bill Gates’ Reactor Company Looks to China

    Emily Meredith analyzes TerraPower’s business model, technology approach and outlook for the future.

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