Media Coverage

  • The Future of Technology According to Bill Gates

    In his third Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything,’ Bill Gates answered user’s questions on the future of technology and nuclear power, disease eradication, programming and currency.

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  • Useful Waste

    CBN Weekly’s Susie Guo interviews TerraPower’s Roger Reynolds and provides a broad update on the company and the technology.

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  • Nuclear Platform

    TerraPower’s Roger Reynolds authored an article for the January issue of IHS International Nuclear Business. He discusses TerraPower’s fuel and materials development, business model and public-private partnerships.

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  • A Nuclear Newcomer: TerraPower and the Traveling Wave Reactor

    TerraPower CEO John Gilleland writes about TerraPower’s current work, highlighting the company’s supply chain development, materials and fuels progress, and reactor design work.

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  • Betting on the Need, Scientists Work on Lighter, Cleaner Nuclear Energy

    Reporter Matt Wald takes a look at the investments national laboratories and private companies are putting into advanced nuclear reactor designs. He highlights the work TerraPower’s partners, Idaho National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory, are doing on advanced simulations and fuel fabrication testing to move the next generation of advanced reactors forward.

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  • Back to the Future: Advanced Nuclear Energy and the Battle against Climate Change

    Josh Freed takes a look at innovative nuclear industry players, highlighting TerraPower’s supporters and prototype reactor.

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