Media Coverage

  • A Radical Plan to Power the Planet for 72 Years

    Wired’s Lauren Zanolli highlights TerraPower as she explores how next generation nuclear technology can power the planet with carbon-free electricity.

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  • TerraPower Quietly Explores New Nuclear Reactor Strategy

    MIT Technology Review’s Richard Martin examines TerraPower’s research into a molten chloride reactor concept, even as the company remains fully committed to the traveling wave reactor design.

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  • The Company Determined to Fix Nuclear Energy

    Produced by The Atlantic to accompany a profile of TerraPower investor Bill Gates, this five-minute documentary showcases TerraPower’s efforts to create a technology that meets global energy demands and combats climate change.

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  • Advanced Nuclear Industry to Regulators: Give Us a Chance

    After hearing TerraPower CFO Marcia Burkey speak at the MIT SOLVE conference, Technology Review’s Richard Martin explores the challenges faced by advanced reactor companies.

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  • Bill Gates Making Progress On Next Generation Of Nuclear Power—In China

    Industry analyst James Conca reacts to TerraPower’s memorandum of understanding with China, noting the need for increased investment, innovation and international cooperation on energy issues.

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  • Why New U.S.-China Climate Steps Matter: Three Things to Know

    National Geographic’s Wendy Koch examines new U.S.-China actions to curb carbon dioxide emissions, mentioning TerraPower’s work on the traveling wave reactor as an example of how the two countries are working to fight climate change.

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