Media Coverage

  • Bill Gates, the ‘Impatient Optimist,’ Lays Out his Clean-Energy Innovation Agenda

    During a recent interview with Andrew Revkin of the New York Times, TerraPower Chairman Bill Gates discusses the traveling wave reactor design and his agenda for clean energy.

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  • Why the Paris Climate Agreement Can’t Save the Planet

    In a piece evaluating the impact of the recent Paris climate talks, Popular Science mentions TerraPower’s work with China to make safer, more efficient and more cost effective advanced nuclear reactors.

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  • Energy Department Funds Two Advanced Nuclear Programs

    Technology Review examines the recent Department of Energy award to Southern Company for new advanced reactor research. TerraPower is a member of Southern Company’s team exploring a molten chloride reactor design.

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  • U.S. Acts to Spur Development of High-Tech Reactors

    The U.S. Department of Energy announces $40 million each to X-energy and Southern Company to help develop advanced nuclear reactors over the next five years. TerraPower is working with Southern Company on a molten chloride reactor design.

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  • 8 Tech Breakthroughs of 2015 That Could Help Power the World

    National Geographic’s Wendy Koch cites TerraPower as a major player in the advanced nuclear reactor field. TerraPower’s progress on the TWR is a milestone in the future of advanced reactors.

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  • Paris Climate Talks: U.S. Energy Chief Says Solution Lies in Innovation

    Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz mentions TerraPower’s traveling wave technology during a discussion with Christian Science Monitor about the future of nuclear energy innovation. The interview took place during Secretary Moniz’s participation in the COP-21 climate change negotiations in Paris.

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