Media Coverage

  • Nuclear Costs Will Come Down, Executives Tell Senators

    TerraPower Chief Technical Officer John Gilleland testified before the Senate Committee on Natural Resources, saying that one of the primary goals of new nuclear technologies is to lower upkeep costs and thus lower the cost of electricity generation.

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  • Nuclear Firms: More Federal Money for Advanced Reactors

    Bloomberg BNA reporter Rebecca Kern summarizes a Congressional hearing on advanced nuclear technology development. As part of the hearing, TerraPower’s John Gilleland advocated to support the Nuclear Regulatory Commission with both funding and know-how to help license new nuclear technologies.

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  • We Ignore Nuclear Power Development at Our Peril

    Edward Klevans, professor emeritus of nuclear engineering at Pennsylvania State University, describes how companies like TerraPower help maintain American leadership in the nuclear industry.

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  • New Paradigms for the Nuclear Energy Sector

    Reporter Dan Yurman examines the state of advanced nuclear technology development around the world. TerraPower’s John Gilleland shares how TerraPower achieves milestones by leveraging partnerships with government entities, universities and private companies.

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  • Bill Gates is Pushing a New Clean Energy — and it’s Not Solar or Wind

    Reporter Danielle Muoio analyzes TerraPower Chairman Bill Gates’ comments from an interview with MIT Technology Review. She highlights his investment in TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor as part of the “energy miracle” sought by Mr. Gates.

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  • Q&A: Bill Gates

    In a candid conversation with reporter Jason Pontin, TerraPower Chairman Bill Gates discusses his reasons for funding breakthrough energy technologies like TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor.

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