Media Coverage

  • New Paradigms for the Nuclear Energy Sector

    Reporter Dan Yurman examines the state of advanced nuclear technology development around the world. TerraPower’s John Gilleland shares how TerraPower achieves milestones by leveraging partnerships with government entities, universities and private companies.

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  • Bill Gates is Pushing a New Clean Energy — and it’s Not Solar or Wind

    Reporter Danielle Muoio analyzes TerraPower Chairman Bill Gates’ comments from an interview with MIT Technology Review. She highlights his investment in TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor as part of the “energy miracle” sought by Mr. Gates.

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  • Q&A: Bill Gates

    In a candid conversation with reporter Jason Pontin, TerraPower Chairman Bill Gates discusses his reasons for funding breakthrough energy technologies like TerraPower’s traveling wave reactor.

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  • Bill Gates Says China is the Best Place to Pursue Next-Generation Nuclear Power

    In a recent video interview with Quartz, Bill Gates says China is the place to try out experimental designs, citing the September agreement between TerraPower and China National Nuclear Corp. as a starting point.

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  • World’s Richest Man Picks Energy Miracles

    Scientific American’s David Biello talks with Bill Gates about energy miracles. Gates notes TerraPower’s planned pilot plant and discusses where nuclear energy can go from there.

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  • The Energy Breakthrough That Will “Save Our Planet” is Less Than 15 Years Away

    In an interview with VOX’s Ezra Klein, Bill Gates highlights TerraPower’s fourth-generation design that can withstand an earthquake, volcano or tidal wave.

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