TerraPower’s Prototype Reactor

TerraPower is moving forward with the development of a 600 megawatt-electric prototype reactor, known as the TWR-P. We intend to have start-up around 2022. This is the next step in the journey to full commercialization and deployment of the traveling wave reactor (TWR). Our aggressive schedule is possible because the TWR-P builds upon many features of fast reactors designed in France, Japan, Germany, China, Russia and the United States. TerraPower’s team has advanced traditional fast reactor designs to obtain better core physics, a closed-loop fuel cycle and enhanced safety systems. This makes the TWR-P one of the most advanced designs among today’s fourth generation of reactors. In addition to producing energy for the grid, the TWR-P is expected to accomplish these goals:

  • Demonstrate the first electricity-producing TWR.
  • Confirm our traveling wave design.
  • Demonstrate key plant equipment.
  • Serve as the last step in our fuels and materials qualification program.
  • Provide the technical, licensing and economic basis for future generations of TWRs.

Once operational, the TWR-P will be an important piece of the world’s energy puzzle. It will produce affordable, sustainable, base load energy that is carbon-free, secure and produces a minimum of seven times less waste, which can more easily be disposed.