Senior Vice President, Engineering

Pat Schweiger

Pat Schweiger oversees nuclear plant design and safety for TerraPower. He has more than 30 years of experience in the commercial and U.S. Department of Energy nuclear industry in a variety of technical and project management positions. Most of his career has been with Westinghouse, Babcock and Wilcox, and Fluor. He has held senior positions in engineering, operations, research and development, and project management.

Prior to joining TerraPower, Schweiger held a key role in the design, construction and testing of the Mobile Arm Retrieval System, currently being deployed at the Hanford Site in a first-of-a-kind nuclear waste retrieval operation. Early in his career, Schweiger participated in the design and installation of support systems during construction of two commercial pressurized water reactor nuclear plants. Following that, he worked at the Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF) for 21 years in various capacities. These included operations, engineering and management roles of increasing responsibility, from the first plant operation cycle through plant shutdown and start of decommissioning. Based on demonstrated abilities at FFTF, he was subsequently assigned various project management roles with the Fluor Hanford Company, successfully managing high-visibility projects.

Complementing his broad experience in reactor operations, engineering and project management, Schweiger has also been on design teams for engineering, procurement and construction efforts in a variety of roles. These roles required taking concepts all the way from an initial idea through complete design, testing and fabrication within a fully compliant NQA-1 program.

Schweiger holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering degree from Washington State University, and a master’s certificate in project management from Villanova University.